My 5 Favourite Woodworking Tools Under $30

Who says that great tools have to break the bank? Here are my top 5 must-have tools under $30 that every woodworker needs. Some of them may surprise you…
Tools featured in this video:
Playing Cards: (USA) | (Canada) | (UK)

Honing Guide: (USA) | (Canada) | (UK…not the same brand)

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Right Angle Drill Attachment: (USA) | (Canada) | (UK)

6″ Double Square: Benchmark version (US) iGuaging version (US) | (Canada)

Squeeze Clamp: (US) | (Canada) | (UK)
Find my plans and angled mitre saw to shopvac adapter (designed specifically for Makita LS1019 and LS1219) –

Help me out by purchasing my recommended products with my affiliate links:
Hand Plane wax stick: (Canada)
My favourite mechanical pencil (Graphgear 0.9mm): (USA) (Canada)
Pica Dry Pencil: (USA) (Canada)
My bandsaw fence: (USA) (Canada)
My Kreg pocket hole jig: (USA) (Canada)
My favourite mitre gauge (Incra 1000SE): (USA) (Canada)
My router lift (Jessem): (USA) (Canada)
My Makita Mitre Saw: (USA) (Canada)
My Dewalt router (plunge and fixed base): (USA) (Canada)
My Dewalt cordless palm router: (USA) (Canada)
Dewalt Budget Thickness Planer: (USA) (Canada)
Suizan Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw: (USA) (Canada)
Suizan Japanese Dozuki Dovetail Saw: (USA) (Canada)
Suizan Japanese flush cut saw: (USA) (Canada)
My electric palm sander: (USA) (Canada)
My favourite impact driver: (USA) (Canada)
My favourite tape measure: (USA) (Canada)
My favourite glue bottle: (USA) (Canada)
A great drill/driver starter combo kit: (USA) (Canada)
My favourite chisels: (USA) (Canada)
Good Toggle Clamps: (USA) (Canada)
Microjig Matchfit System: (USA) (Canada)
My 3D Printer: (USA) (Canada)
My 3D Printing Filament of Choice: (USA) (Canada)

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00:00 Introduction
00:19 Tool Number 1
01:30 Tool Number 2
02:38 Tool Number 3
03:55 Tool Number 4
05:48 Tool Number 5

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