New OFF GRID Project Building only with Wood

We continue building our OFF GRID Property. Only wood this time. Go to to save 10% off your first order of a website or domain with code MODERNHOUSECABIN

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00:00 Gathering wood
01:10 Starting the new project
03:10 A visual representation of how my day was going so far
04:32 Starting the main frame
07:02 Eugenia is half Japanese
07:58 The legs are extremely strong
09:00 This color combination was very popular plus “new” machine
09:58 End of the day
11:44 Beginning of the day, Outdoor shower
13:00 Can we build with steel next time please?
13:45 ASMR woodwork with very affordable materials
18:35 Concrete form wood never looked THIS GOOD
19:29 Finishing details make a big difference
20:37 this is going to change completely how we use this space
22:15 not enough paint so had to go to town
24:20 the cat escaped, he has a name 🙂

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