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SEMBLE™ Woodworking Clamps:

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Anyone who says, “A clamp is a clamp, they’re all the same” doesn’t spend enough time in their shop. It doesn’t take long for the cost-cutting differences found in many clamps to turn normal, mild-mannered woodworkers into oath-spewing lunatics. When you’re ready for clamps where the subtle differences are actually improvements that make your life easier, you’re ready for our new Semble clamps.

The bars on Semble clamps have been surface-treated and zinc plated for smooth operation, and corrosion resistance. The dual-durometer molded handles deliver a comfortable, non-slip grip. And, the parallel jaw and F-clamps have a patented Anti-Slip System that prevents the sliding jaw from moving until you want it moved. Altogether, these and other features unique to each design make Semble clamps a joy to use in your shop.

Woodpeckers is the exclusive North American distributor for Semble clamps. As an introductory special we’re offering 5 different styles, 4 of which are available in a range of sizes. There’s the handy Track Clamp, medium-duty and heavy-duty “F” Clamps and light-duty and heavy-duty Parallel Jaw Clamps. The links below (above) will take you to pages on each of the clamp styles with full details about the available sizes.

When you’re ready for better clamps, reach for Semble.

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