Overview Mini Lathe Drill DIY Woodworking Power Tool You MUST Have | FW Channel 2018

Mini Lathe Drill DIY Woodworking Power Tool:
I am sharing my first shopping from Banggood, hope you like it.

DC12V/3A/36W Mini Lathe Milling Machine Bench Drill Woodworking Power Tool

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Item Specifics:
Material: PP
Size: 340*210mm

Technical Parameters:
1. Motor speed: 20,000 revolutions / minute.
2. Input voltage/current/power: DC12V/3A/36W.
3. The largest diameter of the processing material: 20mm.
4. Processing material length: 135mm.
5. The power adapter has over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature protection.

!!! All fragments of the video are original !!!

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