Restoring a set of Vintage Marples Socket Chisels – could these be my new favourite tools?

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Welcome to Crimson Guitars and Ben’s home workshop. In this video, Ben has a set of vintage forged steel chisels that need some TLC. This tool restoration will involve grinding the chisels back to a perfect 90-degree edge. Ben then sharpens them to the correct 25 degree cutting angle for a bevel edge set perfect for paring work. One of the wooden handles has been repaired in the past, not very well, so Ben fixes this. Why do all vintage tool seem to have white paint spots? Comment below…

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0:00 Could these be Ben’s new favourite chisels?
1:50 The Robert Sorby Pro Edge
2:30 The only problem with the Pro Edge…
3:36 Doing this by eye vs. Using the guides?
4:48 Bevel set & what is it with vintage tools and white paint?
5:19 Cleaning up the handles & fixing an old repair
6:41 Finishing the handles with blonde shellac
8:05 Sharpening with Shapton Stones
9:36 Sharper than the average – now to take it further with a strop
10:35 The paper test to see how sharp it is
10:57 Summer Sale 2022
11:16 Fixing the handle with the missing piece
13:27 Ben’s reasoning behind having so many tools…
14:10 Why these chisels in particular & Conclusion

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