scoutcrafter said what ….. bullet vice makeover , trimo basin wrench bemis and call

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a new quality of video , if you want more than just restorations this could indeed be the channel you have been looking for your entire life …

this aint just restoration without stories .. .

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Well its been a strange year or two and im still here ! views have dropped . could be the swearing i dunno ….but im still here ! tools , rare ,expensive, cheap, shit, rusty, mostly get bought , restored ,sold , kept , stuck on the wall …..

Decided after many people tell me we can’t find which channels yours.. .. that a slight name change was needed so now it’s become …

Jim’s tools restoration & stuff channel

The wall …what’s the wall about …. well …. Vice wall , Garrington wall , American wall… just another brick in the wall

Theres some moaning , rants , shorts , tool hauls , journeys to get tool hauls, did i mention tool hauls ?

And RESTORATIONS ! mostly vice restorations or vise depending where you are from
A lot i do goes back up for sale at minimal profit to finance the next tool or two , occasionally i keep some for the display ..

im going to add some hashtags now because i believe it will help drag in some more of you addicted poor buggers … so .. #jimstools #handtoolrestoration #toolhaul #auctionwins #toolrestorations #vicerestorations #vice #jimshandtoolrestoration #toolrestoationchannel #toolchannel #rustyvice #rustytool #rustyrestoration#besttoolchannel #handtoolrestoration #jimshandtoolchannel #howtovice #howtorestore

and some links to social media , charity and donate sites , plus other stuff you may find useful

instagram page … @hand_tool_restoration

prostate cancer UK donation link

my ebay sites uk .

buy me a rusty tool !

free .. you tube video tags optimisation

@toolrestoration #toolrestoration

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