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A shooting board is one of the most vital hand tool woodworking hand plane jigs available. Believe it or not, I never made or used one before and was excited to experiment in the shop to do a down and dirty shooting board build from scrap wood. This video details every step of how to make a shooting board and makes making a shooting board extremely accessible with off hand materials. In fact, the materials alone on this build average right around ten dollars and that’s mostly from the hardware. Shooting boards woodworking helps the user trim up to a line rather than take fixed passes with a handplane. It can also be used to joint boards and this simple project is easy enough for anyone to get into woodworking jig making. As one of the entry level hand tool woodworking jig projects, I find this to be an easy and approachable build for all skill levels. I in fact finished the first iteration in about fifteen minutes. This is a basic scrap wood jig that can be made in almost any shop with extremely simple tools, as opposed to other scrap wood jigs that require other items other than mechanical fasteners. When it comes to hand tool woodworking for beginners this shooting board is an absolute must have and this project itself is the epitome of hand tool woodworking projects for beginners. Through this video you can learn basic hand tool woodworking techniques such as shooting end grain as well as jointing edge grain. And as far as hand tool woodworking projects this is one of a small handful of essential hand plane jigs. I’m going to be including many more of these videos on my channel in the future so if you like what you see, let me know in the comments below.

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