Sep QnA 2022

The monthly QnA. come ask whatever questions you have and I will try my best to answer.

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00:00:00 James Wright: What are we going to do today?
04:00 Kenny-Anjanette Horn: If you were making a 1/4” wide stopped groove (say for a drawer bottom), what tool would you use?
06:00 Warren Munn: ​At what size does a piece of off-cut/scrap become firewood? Does it depend on the type of wood? I seem to be collecting a lot of small pieces
09:00 Ken Carlile: Any tips on (or is there a video about) doing an epoxy fill on a knothole or other relatively small feature like a burl without a vacuum chamber?
11:00 A2woodArt: the wooden fence on Stanley 45 is a small height. Is there problem of making it longer? Just did it on mine and trying to see if it would be an issue.
12:00 Matt Cottrill: Are you coming to the Patina meet at the end of the month in MD?
13:00 Ken Carlile: At what point do you have too many vises attached to your bench?
15:00 C Joe: ​did you buy that no45 sealed in the box?
17:00 Tiny Woodshop: ​Did you buy any planes this past weekend?
19:00 Lynx G: OK, here’s a question…Best wood to make a mortar and pestle?? Alternately, how bad would it be to make one out of Purple or Green heart wood?
22:00 Chickenator: What type/brand of chisels do you use?
24:00 Hauptmann6: planning an English jointers bench. Would 4×6 legs be recommended for the installation of a leg vice?
26:00 Cato Hostland: I have a question about combination planes. Do you feel that the Veritas one is “worth it” compared to the more expensive vintage ones? I am looking for a user comb. plane
28:00 jules keslar: will you ever show how to make a roorkee chair?
30:00 wortheffort: Is green woodworking an arena of tool collection an area you’ve entered yet?
32:00 jules keslar: ​Would you ever teach at one of the woodworking schools or start your own school?
33:00 Jose Moral: any tips and tricks for building up several coats of spar varnish? When attempting to build coats, it appears to dissolve the preceding coat.
35:00 Benjamin Guerrero: Thoughts on using a scraping plane just with a sharp iron. I haven’t mastered sharpening scrapers and Vic Tesolin once showed you could sharpen the iron like a regular plane one
39:00 WoodworkingWithLogan​:Question: for YouTube, I find myself not recording do to the camera being in the way/getting caught up in the project, would there be a better style for me? Or just have a choppy video?
41:00 Ramwoodburns: any cool projects coming up?
43:00 Ken Carlile: theoretically if someone was to lend you a Veritas combination plane, could you do a test on what 45 and 55 cutters work with it?
45:00 Marshall Murrell: ​I have a No. 3 smoothing plane that belonged to my dad. It’s kind of small for my hands. I have been wanting to get a No 4 or 4 1/2. Which would you recommend?
46:00 clockman45: ​when you were there how much did a 4 1/2 cost at the meet?
48:00 James Zaino: ​What is your view on making your own hide glue?
49:00 things that inspire me: ​Is there any advantage to double beveled chisels? I noticed pfiel makes some for carving
50:00 JR Brick Builders: ​Have you ever tried branding a logo on a piece of wood that is already stained and finished? Any tips for doing so without the brand turning out like garbage?
51:00 Pacific coast piper: Getting any ideas for wood projects Sarah?
52:00 Kevin Henderson: ​What paint or finish do you recommend for outdoor applications?
54:00 A2woodArt: about scraper: is there such a thing as too much burr? or too rough burr?
57:00 William Brown: ​I found a d-15 for $5 at the flea (the one with the rosewood handle and the victory etch) The plate had a kink in the past that has been hammered out. Is this a usable saw or a wall hanger?

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