Stagehands Basic Tool Kit

A basic list of tools a stagehand is going to need to fulfill a basic gig. This mostly refers to those working as Loaders, Pushers, Carps, Sound, & Grip.
This breakdown does not refer to Specialty Workers like Riggers [stage hands that to rigging] or Wardrobe [stagehands that work as a seamstress]. These type of workers are going to need their own set of tools, & should plan for their tool kits accordingly to their title on a job site.

1.) Hard Hat [for head protection]-self explanatory

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2.) Emergency Vest [for high visibility]

3.) Steel Toed Boots [to protect your toes]-self explain

4.) Flashlight [can be very useful in cramped quarters]

5.) Leatherman* [versatile multi-tool] *brand name

6.) Crescent Wrench [8” C-Wrench]

7.) Hammer [there’s different pins, screws, etc. you’ll occasionally need to bang]

8.) Gloves [why dirty your hands + at least some type of protection from splintered steel, wood, etc.]

To some this list might be overkill, but it’s better to Have It & Not Need It than to Need It & Not Have It.

Make It Safe Out There, Watch each others backs, be open to learning something new, & share that knowledge with those who might not know. The more capable hands on the job the less likely anyone will get hurt. 🔧🔨💵 ✌🏽

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