Surfacing River Kitchen Island Top

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Surfacing large kitchen island top using the Stepcraft Q.408 CNC machine and the Amana Tool RC-2255 2.5″ 3 wing insert carbide flattening bit, all linked below. This honey locust slab came out looking absolutely amazing!
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RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 275ipm
Plunge Rate: 80ipm
Depth per pass: .0625″
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Stepcraft Q.408 CNC Machine

Amana Tool RC-2255 CNC Spoilboard Insert Carbide 3 Wing, Surfacing, Planing, Flycutting & Slab Leveler 2-1/2 Diameter x 1/2 SHK Router Bit

Fein Turbo 1 Vacuum

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