Surprising Harbor Freight Chisels – Part 2 – First Honing and Testing

The result of grinding bevels. As mentioned, I use a contact wheel on a belt grinder and freehand these. I think it’s not worth showing as advocating a near four-figure setup to put bevels on a $2 chisel is undude.

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But, you can add these any way you want, from belt sander to wheel grinder, etc. Just make sure you have fresh abrasive and go slow – and if using a bench grinder, set the rest right up to the wheel at 90 degrees and freehand the angle – to avoid trapping of a chisel between a wheel and rest at all costs. Very practical to do this with a wheel grinder (extra care to avoid excess heat toward the business end) and then put the chisel in a vise and use a hardwood block and any coarse aluminum oxide paper to clean things up.

I can’t help but drone on again at the end of this the value of understanding edge geometry (and not blindly using a method) – it will apply for you in 10 places other than woodworking if you sharpen things, and the value of experimenting a little here and there for yourself – you own the knowledge once you experience it and you do other people favors by providing accurate information.

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