Tenon cutter woodworking tool manufacturer(sanhomt)

Manufacturer: SANHOMT Woodworking Tools Co., Ltd. address:Shunde, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China(528300) Contact number: +8613392270290 E-MAIL: sanhomt@126.com Contact: Aries, wu cuiling Brands: sanhomt, yongjili, SHT, YJL Production type: all kinds of woodworking tools, diamond tools, Carbide tools, including: diamond cutters, PCD engraving tools, alloy milling cutters, spiral cutters, spindles, tenon cutters, CNC milling cutters, row drills, planers, diamonds Saw blades, alloy saw blades, alloy band saw blades and other various tools. It is widely used in woodworking machinery, furniture manufacturing, advertising decoration, aluminum profiles, handicrafts, acrylic and other manufacturing fields. Service: OEM, ODM, OEM can be customized。 Sanhomt product scope of application: 1. Log processing machinery: machinery designed to perform initial processing of logs, such as sawing, debarking, dehumidification, etc., including large circular saws, belt saws, and rotary cutting machines. 2. Sheet manufacturing: general woodworking machinery and surface # coating equipment; 3. Furniture manufacturing machinery: including panel furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, # cabinets, wooden doors, etc. from sawing, forming, profiling, drilling, opening All aspects of tongue and groove, splicing and combination, gluing, painting and packaging can all be processed by machinery. 4. The production equipment of floor, wall skirting board and wall board: the main mechanical equipment includes single-blade saw, four-sided planer, double-head milling machine, sanding machine, roller coating machine, UV; Yongjili woodworking tools, Shanghongtai#Diamond tool source Manufacturer, wholesale. Shunde Woodworking Machinery City, alloy knife spiral knife carving knife, Yaden knife CNC milling cutter, tenon knife, drill bit, ER chuck, ISO knife holder, knife handle, alloy band saw blade, woodworking saw blade, sharpener, flat Knives, slot knives, slotting saws, saw blades, iron cutting, aluminum cutting, punching, pre-milling cutters, shank milling cutters, finishing cutters, rough cutters, spindles, heavy cutting, light cutting, handrail knives, stairs , Solid wood furniture, panel furniture, row drills, through-hole drills, blades, planer blades. Exporting countries: Russia, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Africa, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Kazakhstan and other countries

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