The Hater's Guide to Festool | How Festool Changed the Game

Most people are wrong about Festool tools. They assume the high price is unjustified. This is the Ultimate Guide to Festool.

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Channels Mentioned:
Jason Bent – Bent’s Woodworking
Wittworks Festool Video –

Greatest Free Gift I’ve Ever Received:

Festool Tools I Recommend:
Festool Dust Extractor –
Festool ETS125 Sander –
Festool Cordless Track Saw –
Festool Domino 500 –
Festool Rotex Sander –
Festool Kapex Miter Saw –
Festool Top Rock Radio –
Track Saw Dust Cover –

Festool Dealers I Recommend:
Official Festool Amazon Store –
Ohio Power Tool –
Tool Nut –

Festool Links
Full History of Festool –
TTS Group Brands –

Other Tools/Equipment I’m Asked About Often:
T-Shirt I’m Wearing –
Table Saw –
Table Saw Blade I’m Using –
Tripod for Phone –
Phone Holder for Tripod –
Ariat boots I wear (super comfortable) –
Toolbox in Background –
Tool Wall over Miter Station –
Digital YouTube Sign –
Camera Gear I Use –
Computer Equipment I Use for Editing –

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0:00 Hater’s Guide to Festool
0:36 History of Festool
3:16 Who Owns Festool?
3:57 Why People Hate Festool
6:14 Why is Festool Different?
7:40 Festool Dust Collection
8:14 Festool Tool Design
9:49 Inside a Festool Factory with Jason Bent
12:17 Festool Innovation
12:48 Festool Warranty
13:30 Festool Tool Availability
14:15 What Festool to Buy First?
15:00 Cons of Owning Festool Tools
15:44 Festool Pricing
16:38 Festool Attention to Detail
17:29 Festool Build Quality

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