The "No Skill" DIY Workbench Build – Start Woodworking Series Launch (Class One)

Key Points:
– It’s solid with no racking or walking
– Able to work boards on end, edge and face
– Can be build by a “No Skill” beginner
– Costs between $100 & $200
– Doesn’t take long to finish
– Easily repurposed for a lifetime of use

Workbenches and having the tools/skills to build them is a chicken and egg situation for brand new woodworkers. So this bench is the fuse to light up a new hobby or study path. 3-4 simple hand tools that almost all woodworkers use and absolutely no previous skills is all it takes. And at the end of the build not only will you have a lifetime resource of a bench but also gained some skill and confidence plus the foundation tool of the series.

50 Free Woodworking Plans

While in this video I used about $200 in both materials and tool acquisition if you have access to a hand saw, screwdriver or drill, tape measure and square plus chose mdf or osb instead of plywood then you could get by with about $100 to finish the bench.

And this is the foundation of an entirely new series at wortheffort. One designed for new woodworkers to start making messes. A skills development series that’ll utilize a very limited set of hand tools (not much money) and a small 10″ band saw. I’m labeling it a “sophomore level” course because it’ll build upon the “Prerequisite Course” which highlighted some basic overall theories of the craft without to many projects.

I hope you’ll build along with us and bring along a friend/student of your own.

Plans (sketch) –
The Prerequisite Course Series –

Educator Prompts:
– How does the “platform” used at the end of the video eliminate a bench “walking” in use?
– How does having the wider screw anchors offered by the corner brackets reduce “racking” (the flexing from corner to corner of a piece)?
– Why would you want to pound work over a leg vs the middle of a bench?

Materials Used (links are NOT affilliate):
– Corner Brackets, I believe made by many companies. Here I used
which is a associate page that will send a percentage of your purchase back to wortheffort.


– Screws I used:

– Alternative Kit using 2×4 instead of 4×4: Simpson WBSK Workbench & Shelving Hardware Kit


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