The Only Tools You Need to Start Woodworking (Beginner Woodworking Tools List)

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Description: It can be difficult to know where to start with woodworking, especially what tools to buy. Hopefully this list will give you an idea where to start and what to buy first. I have included some tips on how and where to buy cheaper tools at the end of the video.
My essential tools for a beginner woodworker (including brands):
* Impact Drill/Driver (Stanley)
* Mitre Saw (Einhell)
* Clamps (Einhell)
* Sander (Bosch)
* Circular Saw (Bosch)
* Jigsaw (Bosch)
* Tape Measure (Einhell)
* Hearing Protection (3M)
* Goggles (3M)
* Mask (3M)
* Table Saw (Einhell)
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