This Wall Cabinet is the PERFECT Woodworking Project

In this video, I’ll show you how to build a modern wall cabinet. It combines intermediate and advanced woodworking techniques like cutting perfect dados for the shelves, a tongue and groove shaker style door, and half-blind dovetails for the drawer box. Making this a great hand tool project.

I designed the cabinet using the golden ratio, which gives this cabinet a beautiful visual balance and weight. As for the wood, I used walnut and cherry hardwood. The cherry makes those warm tones pop in the walnut.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Breaking Down the Lumber
1:39 Design Break Down
2:02 Parts Break Down
4:27 Making the Door Panel
5:15 Cutting the Dados
7:37 Making the Shiplap
8:50 Cleaning Up the Dados
9:46 Cutting the Stopped Dados
10:36 Curving the Sides
12:45 Making the Shaker Style Door
16:15 Building the Dovetailed Drawer
17:00 Cutting Half Blind Dovetails
20:25 Making the Pulls
23:45 Attaching the Hinges
25:15 Final Assembly and Reveal

Music by Epidemic Sound

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