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Downgrading from a 1500 sq ft shop to a small room in my barn. This video was sponsored by Woodcraft

Come take a tour of my tiny woodworking shop! (It’s not actually that tiny, I am just coming from a 1500 square foot shop full of machines, so going back to all handtools and leaving my machines is definitely an adjustment, but I’m very pleased with it nonetheless. Tiny Woodworking Shop Tour! See how I have my shop organized to maximize efficiency in a small shop, and my workflow using handtools only to build. See my toolchests, my sharpening station, my workbench, and many past projects you’ve watched me build here on YouTube. See the shop improvements I’ve made and how I converted this small space into a a cozy little workshop. This shop is about the same size as a one car garage woodshop, so if you’re looking at how to create an efficient workspace in a one car garage, I hope you find some ideas and inspiration from this video!

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I’m Anne of All Trades. In NASHVILLE, I have a woodworking, blacksmithing and fabrication shop, a selection of furry friends, and an organic farm. Whether you’ve got the knowledge, tools, time or space to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, everything is “figureoutable.” I became “Anne of All Trades” out of necessity. With no background in farming or making things, I wanted to learn to raise my own food, fix things when they break, and build the things I need. 8 years ago I got my first pet, planted my first seed and picked up my first tool. Get a better roadmap of how to grow deep roots and live the life you want subscribing to this channel and look for NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!

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