Top 10 Metal Working Power Tools That Every Man Should Have

This is my Top 10 most used power tools in my workshop. There is many others but this is a shortened list. I think I need a bigger shed 😆

I have a lot of Ryobi tools just because they are “handy man budget” power tool and I know that there is bigger and better brands available but this is what I have for the moment.

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The links below are of the Ryobi, Makita and other brands but you can choose what ever is your favorite.
Power Tool links:

Old Lathe Upgrade Video link :
Drill Press Upgrade Video link :
Welding trolley Upgrade Video link :

Jim is just an Aussie Bloke making and Doin stuff in the Shed, He doesn’t say that you should do things or make stuff like he does but this is just how he has done it.

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