Top 41 Most Useful Tools: Best tools to have for the beginner, new homeowner or new handyman

What good tools for beginners? What are my go-to tools? What do I take with me on every job? These 41 tools are the top ones that make it into my tool bag.

PLUS, I share my two-bag system of working. AND, what to watch out for if you are looking at all-in-one tool kits (a must watch before buying).

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Links to tools:

Note: where possible I linked to my exact tools – in some cases I could not find them but found a good alternative instead or an even better tool than what I have, haha.

* Tool bag, Husky 3 bag combo set includes primary bag, secondary bag, and bonus bag (
* Starter tool kit (this is a quality set unlike the ones I was talking about in the video), Craftsman (
* Screwdriver set, Craftsman (
* Basic hammer, Irwin (
* Tape measure, 25’ Stanley (
* Stubby ratcheting screw driver, Stanley (
* Putty knife, 2” wide, plastic (
* Needle nose pliers, Channellock (
* Cutting pliers, Channellock (
* Linesman pliers, Klein (
* Small needle nose pliers, Channellock (
* Vise-grips, Irwin, two pack with big and small sizes (
* Channellocks, 12” long, (
* Crescent adjustable wrench, Craftsman (
* Allen/hex wrench or key set, metric & inch sizes, two pack, Craftsman (
* Star/torx wrench set, Tekton,
* Retractable razor blade, Stanley 99E (
* Clauss titanium scissors (
* Ratchet & sockets, 3/8” inch drive (medium size), good inexpensive starter set, Craftsman (
* Impact driver, Dewalt (
* Drill bit set for impact driver, (
* Long Phillips bit for impact driver, Irwin (
* Wire strippers, Klein (
* Chisel, 3/4” wide, Stanley (
* Square, Swanson (
* Headlamp, good & inexpensive, Energizer (
* Flashlight, rechargeable, Anker (
* WD40 (
* Rubber hammer, Tekton (

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