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I made my version of Wari kebiki! I wanted this one but I doubted my fabrication skill and hesitated making it.
Though I may still need minor adjustments, it works at the accuracy level I need (I anyway hand-plane the cutting edge of the stips so).

I’m excited that now I can use this Wari Kebiki instead of a Japanese marking gauge to cut Kumiko Strips!

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— Video I mentioned —
Making a sculpted Japanese cutting gauge (WARI KEBIKI)
from Kayu Tasmania – Hand Tools Woodworker

— Main Material Used —
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– 2″x2″x8″ African Mahogany

– Tunesaburo Kebiki Blade 9mm

The blade was about JPY 1,800 (Less than US$15 at this moment)
but the shipping to the US costs US$15 on top….
Tsunesaburo is a good brand!

— Tools I use —

— Router Plane Project —

My Blog:

0:00 Introduction
0:26 Preperation
1:22 Working on the Cutting Arm
2:35 Working on the Body
3:49 Finishing Touches
4:31 Testing
5:56 Conclusion

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