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Ths Best Chisel is different for everyone. But what numbers say about which chisel is best. it is my goal to make the most detailed objective test possible to determine what is the best chisel. This Channel is all about Hand tool Woodworking and we would be no ware without the great Bench Chisel. So… Who Makes the best chisel

0:19 Into
0:46 How the Chisel test was conducted
Video showing the testing:
2:04 Objective Vs. Subjective Testing
4:03 look at the actual data of the chisel test
Link to data sheet:
4:50 How to adjust for your chisel preferences
15:10 A few things I learned about chisels
17:17 How long the chisel test took
18:49 Interesting findings from the chisel test
19:47 What is the best Chisel overall winner
20:33 What is the Best value Chisel

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Chisels Tested
—Overall Winner— Narex Richter:
HF Wooden: Only in stores
Aldi: Only in stores
HF Plastic:
Craftsman Black:
Narex Basic:
Stanley Sweetheart:
Stanley Everlasting:
Robert Sorby:
Two Cherries:
Narex Richter:
Pfeil (20-year-old):
Blue Steel:
Veritas PMV11:
IRWIN Marples:
Ashley Iles:
Pfeil new:

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