What Should You Carry In Your TOOL BELT?! (These Are The Best Tools For Carpentry / Construction!!)

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What Should You Carry In Your TOOL BELT?! (These Are The Best Tools For Carpentry / Construction!!)

Many people have asked me to do a video about what tools I carry in my tool belt. So, here it is! These are the tools I’ve deemed important enough to carry with me at all times (mostly) in my tool belt. They’re worth the weight and space to lug around.

And, since I’ve worked as a sort over generalized carpenter over the years (trim, framing, repair), I think these tools are a really good all-purpose collection for getting a LOT of work done!

What’s In My Tool Belt:
25′ Tape Measure
16 oz. Rip Claw Hammer
5-in-1 Painter’s Tool
6-in-1 Screwdriver
15-in-1 Screwdriver
Small Trim Pry Bar
Demolition Screwdriver
Two Chisels
Torpedo Level
Ear Protection
Two Nail Sets
Needle Nose Pliers
6″ Combo Square
Speed Square
Cat’s Paw Nail Puller
Chalk Box
Eye Protection
Two Pencils

I really do think that these are the best tools for carpentry and residential construction! Each one comes in handy many, many times throughout a construction work week, and therefore I think that it’s worth it to carry many or all of these tools in your tool belt. I hope this list helps!

Thanks for watching!
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