What Tools Do You Need to START Woodworking? Beginner Woodworking Tool List

I get asked pretty often about the tools that are necessary to start woodworking, so I decided to make a video to help you guys out! Hopefully this is helpful!

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Tablesaw Jig Playlist:

Router Jig Playlist:

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Milling Lumber without a Jointer:

Marking and Measuring Tools:

Bandsaw Tune-up:


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Sander I Used When I Started:

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Sorry, can’t link to a table saw, but I can link to blades I like!

Thin Kerf Combo Blade for Everything:

Flat Top Grind Blade for Joinery:

Trim Router with Plunge Base that I have:

Trim Router that’s popular and goes with the tools linked above:

Plunge base that goes with that Router:

Big Beast of a Router:


Benchtop Sander (mine is actually broken, so I linked a different one):

Belt Sander:


Spokeshave Option 1:

Spokeshave Option 2 (more affordable):


Dust Mask:

Safety Glasses:

Pocket Hole Jig (This is a new one that just came out that looks really cool):

Center Finding Dowel Jig:

Squeezy Clamps:

Cabinet Master Clamps (Showed Pony ones here, but I have both Pony and these Besseys):

Ratchet Straps:

Handscrew Clamps:


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