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Hey everyone!

Here’s what I keep in my tool bags on a regular basis. Things sort of ebb and flow and specific projects will get specific tools, but this video shows you what is usually in my bags on any given day.
What do you keep in your bags? Do you have a must have tool that I missed? Make sure you comment it below.

Here’s a list of some of the things I carry if you want to buy them for yourselves. I’m associated with Amazon so if you buy these things at these links then not only do you get a sweet tool at no additional cost, but I rake in a small sales commission to help build my passive income empire… uh, I mean revenue stream.

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Rubber Mallet:

20 oz Ripping Claw Hammer:

Manual Protractor:

Rounded Corner Jig:

5-in-1 Tool:

Bosch Laser Tape Measure:

DeWalt Tape Measure:

Magnetic Stud Finder:

Spring Nail Set:

Nail Nippers:

These are the pencils I use. They are a little bit thicker lead so they don’t break very often:

Pocket Knife:

Pocket Utility Knife:

Kobalt Tool Bags:

Electronic Angle Finder:

Speed Square:
I would link this one for you, but I’m super paranoid so I always like to buy these in person and check for square before I buy it. I’d hate for you to buy one online to have it shipped to you and find out it was garbarge!

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