What's the Best Benchtop Jointer of 2020?

Links to each jointer:

Today I will show you the best benchtop jointers of 2020. You’ll learn which ones to buy and which ones to avoid!

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Benchtop jointers are great for small shops. A 6-inch jointer makes sense for 90% of all the jointing you need. And some people like to park their cars inside their garages. Sometimes people are weird like that!

I’m comparing jointers here and I’m being unbiased. This way, you can choose to buy what makes sense to your needs in your workshop.

Benchtop jointers featured in this video:

00:48 Porter-Cable PC160JT (best benchtop jointer under $500)
Bonus: 02:46 Craftsman CMEW020 (same machine as the Porter-Cable with different colors)
03:35 Jet JJP-8BT (best 8-inch benchtop jointer-planer combo)
06:04 Wahuda 50180CC-WHD (best 8-inch benchtop jointer with spiral cutterhead)
08:42 Delta 37-071 (sturdiest benchtop jointer)
10:20 Powertec BJ600 benchtop jointer (same as the Delta but with quality control issues; avoid it)
11:26 Wen 6560 benchtop jointer (avoid it; get the Porter-Cable/Craftsman instead for the same price)

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