Wood Carvings from the MN State Fair 2022

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Wood Carvings from the MN State Fair 2022-

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50 Free Woodworking Plans

A wood carving knife and simple hand chisels such as a V tool and a small #9 gouge

The wood used for these wood carving basics
I like to use basswood in all my carvings. This wood carving project is no exception. Find a reputable wood dealer and stick with him/her.

Wood Carving on Cottonwood Bark
Some of my videos use cottonwood bark. Again, find someone who can provide bark for you or you can hunt for cottonwood bark yourself. The tree must be dead for some time for the bark to come off. I sell bark at the local wood carving shows. However, I do not sell via mail because the shipping costs are sometimes more than the cost of the bark itself.

Absolute Beginning Wood Carving –

Wood Carving Rough-Outs
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