Wood Chisels and Their Use – Beginners Woodworking #26

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Chisels come in many shapes and sizes and know how and where to use them will help you work more efficiently and safer.
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Wood chisels are used in every kind of woodworking from boat building to house construction. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and have both specialty uses and specific designations. Before the age of power tools, chisel were a mainstay because it was one of the main tools in making joints, which in many case was the mortise and tenon joint. Every woodworking shop had a variety of mortise chisels to help the quickly create any size of mortise they wanted. For the most part, that art of creating mortises with chisels is in the past now as machinery has taken over that job, but chisels are still an important tool in the shop. They are used for creating and trimming, for slicing and edging and almost anything one can imagine. Kept sharp and in good shape, a chisel can last a woodworker a lifetime and give outstanding results every time.

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