Wood Stain for Furniture Restoration, How to with Bob Walkup | Stain Matching

Wood stain is a confusing topic. There are different wood stain products and techniques to use for furniture restoration. Bob Walkup demonstrates how to use powder stains, stain markers, toner, glaze and more to restore the finish on a repair. It might seem intimidating but Bob shows how to get great results.

Bob is the owner of Furniture Remedy, LLC. He was formally trained as a repair technician at the start of his career. In the last 20 years he worked for a number of furniture retailers before launching is own business providing furniture restoration services in North Carolina.

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BOB at Furniture Remedy
SCOTT at Wooden It Be Nice

Acrylic Wood Stains (water-based)
Stain Markers for Furniture Repair
Wood Finish Repair Playlist

Wood Stain Color Wheel:
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Pigment Colors:
Keda Stain Powder –
Transol Wood Dye –
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00:00 Wood Stain for Furniture Restoration
01:04 Bob’s Experience in the Furniture Restoration Industry
02:18 Stain Markers to Hide Imperfections
03:35 Mixing Wood Stain Colors
04:22 Color Theory for Wood Stains
10:14 Toner Wood Stains
12:27 Finger-Tap Method to Apply Stain Pigments
15:27 How to Darken Wood Stain
22:32 Graining with Glaze
32:43 Graining with a China Marker


See the tools we use in our workshop and the tools we recommend:
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This video is hosted by Scott Bennett, Owner of Wooden It Be Nice – Furniture Repair in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.

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