Woodturning – Curupay – South American rosewood.

Hello and welcome! In this weeks video I will be using a woodturning lathe to make a shapely bowl from a pretty piece of Curupay, also known as Patagonian Rosewood.

This wood was very kindly sent to my by Dave the @Mole Valley Maker who has also turned a piece and will be releasing a video of the process.
Watch it here:
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This was a very tough wood which put up a bit of a fight and I sanded a lot, especially the end-grains inside which i’m not going to show you as I didn’t film all 45 minutes of it, you’re welcome.

Sealed with shellac and polished with Yorkshire Grit original and microfine.

I’m not fully sold on the foot, I left the mortice in but I may remove it in the near future, Shouldn’t take too long to reshape but if you would like to see how I do that, let me know in the comments.

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00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Curupay – Patagonian Rosewood (Anadenanthera colubrina)
00:26 – Mounting to the lathe with a worm screw
00:54 – Rounding the blank to take a peek at the grain
01:21 – Shaping the outside of the bowl and creating a mortice
03:14 – Sanding, shellac and Yorkshire Grit
05:30 – Mounting on the mortice to scoop out the bowl
07:30 – Sanding, shellac and Yorkshire Grit inside
09:12 – Adding my makers mark
09:42 – Close ups
10:21 – Thanks for watching!

Woodturning – Curupay – Patagonian Rosewood.

*These videos are meant for the purposes of entertainment. Any attempt to imitate or copy what I do must be done at your own risk, my practices may not always be correct or the safest. You are responsible for your own safety while woodworking. Read and understand the operation and safety manuals supplied with your tools and machinery to ensure you are safe while using such equipment.

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