Woodturning Walnut Handles For Narex Unhandled Chisels!! Satisfying!

Woodturning. In this video, you’ll see me break down a walnut wood turning blank into six small blanks for chisel handles! I’ve had several people ask where I got the unhandled chisels, and I got them from Amazon or you can get them from Taytools.com I had a rough idea in mind about how I wanted to design and turn these walnut handles on the wood lathe. Woodturning is a fun and exciting way of getting into woodworking, and these chisels were a unique project that people seem to love. Hopefully you enjoy the video.
Woodturning videos for me are so satisfying and relaxing. Hopefully this video inspires you to get into woodturning or woodworking in general, or if nothing else, makes you want to watch more videos like this one!

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