Woodworking Desktop Adjustable Hold Down Clamps Pressure Plate for T Track and MFT Table

20MM Hole Woodworking Desktop Fixed clamp Jig T-Track Hold Down Clamp T-Slots Clamping Blocks Platen Carpenter Woodworking Tools.
2 in 1 Woodworking 3 Steps Adjustable Table Clamps Quick Hold Down Clamps Pressure Plate Desktop Positioning Clamp for T Track and MFT Table.

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1. High quality, long life and durable.
2. Precise positioning, clamping tightly, easy to use.
3. Two using methods, can be used with T-shape rail or woodworking table 20mm MFT hole.
4.Simple structure, convenient operation, strong clamping force and wide application range.
5.The fixture can help carpenters to clamp under various conditions, including diagonal cutting, incision, seam, wide angle and acute angle.

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