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Buying a gift for the woodworking in your lift is difficult. You don’t know what they have, what they don’t have, what they want, what they need, or what works with the items they already have. If you are looking for ideas, this is intended to provide you some ideas and inspiration when searching for gifts that a woodworker would love to have in his or her shop. We have compiled a list and some descriptions that will help make this process a little easier.

Below is a list for woodworking items that are under $100. These items are great for all situations, stand alone gifts, white elephants gifts, stocking stuffers, or sidekick gifts with larger items.

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Rockler 3-piece silicon glue kit – An excellent stocking stuffer for your woodworker. Once glue dries, it can be peeled off. This saves money!

FastCap Tape Measures – Tape measures are extremely underrated in the shop. There are specific tape measures for specific applications or people. If your woodworker is left handed, get them a lefty tape measure!

FastCap GluBot and BabeBot – We use the GlueBot nearly everyday. They are a wonderful innovation to the glue bottle which allows the user to apply/dispense glue at any angle. The BabeBot is great for smaller or craft type projects!

FastCap 2P-10 CA Glue Family of Products: This product is used every single day we are in the shop. The activator allows the user to instantly bond two surfaces together within seconds. Decreasing waiting time and increasing productivity in the shop. Shop time is valuable, don’t wait for wood glue to dry on those certain applications, use CA glue!

CA Glue – Available in two sizes and a variety of viscosities. We used medium and thick in the shop the most.

Activator – Applied to one surface after the glue has been applied to the other surface. Once they touch, the activator kicks the CA glue and sets it within a few seconds

*Rockler Silicone Mat – Another great stocking stuffer to cover your work surface or bench. Once glue, epoxy, paint, etc dries, simply peel it off.

*Rockler LED Utility Lights – A great alternative to increase lighting in your woodworkers space. Whether it is a shop, garage, or shed, you can increase the light and also save money while doing it!

*Rockler Custom Knife Kits and Knife Scales – A fun project that also makes great gifts! Purchase the premade knife scales or make your own. We recommend to buy a few at a time.

Black and Decker 20 Volt Max Drill-Driver – A great starter upgrade to today’s technology. If your woodworker has an older drill and wants to upgrade, this is a great option if they do smaller projects.

*Rockler Corner Radius Routing Template – The routing template guides the user to make perfect radiuses on material. Excellent gift if you notice rounded corners on your woodworkers project.

Rockler Bench Cookies – In our opinion, a shop must! They are excellent to bring safety, help protect your project, and convenience to your woodworkers shop. They can be used to prop up your material when cutting with a jigsaw, keep your project in place when sanding, or use the pyramids while letting the finish dry.

FastCap Pocket Tool Kit – A 7 tool kit that include, Awl, diamond sharpener, laminate knife, saw, file/rasp, putty knife, combo putty knife and that is all included in a hard case. This is great if your woodworker does mobile projects on the house or does work for family or friends. They keep a variety of tools in a safe package.

*Ryobi 18 Volt Quiet Strike Pulse Driver – If your woodworker has sensitive hearing, needs a pulse driver, or needs to upgrade his/her impact driver. The Ryobi Quiet Strike is quite impressive. It is very quiet and packs a punch. Great for someone that does any project across the spectrum.

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