Woodworking Tools Beginners Need (Only the Must-Have + Bonus First Project)

Want to start woodworking but don’t have a large budget?

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Skip throwing down a whole paycheck for tools and only get the ones that you will use. As a beginner woodworker I always struggled to make that next tool purchase because I didn’t know whether this would (wood…get it) be a hobby I would enjoy enough to make a large invest into. Purchase these tools and I will even show you your first project you can make with them (Starts @8:27). Add a little personalization and you could sell it, or gift it to that special someone.

You can build nearly anything with these few tools:
-Tape Measure
-Speed Square
-Circular Saw
-Drill Bit
-T-25 Bit (or phillips, etc)
(add a Hammer and your tool belt will start looking pro)

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Great reference for all the capabilities of a speed square (Perkins Builder Brothers…their channel is a construction treasure trove):

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