Woodworking Tools – What Order To Buy The "Big 6" In?

This video is a look back at, in hindsight, which order would I have bought the “Big 6” in…. The table saw, planer, router, bandsaw, jointer, and miter saw make up what I call the “Big 6”. Knowing what I know now, here is what I would have done.

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For those who don’t want to watch, and just want my personal answer… Table Saw, Planer, Router, Bandsaw, Jointer, and Miter Saw. That would be my order if I could do it again.

I know a lot of people who are getting into their journey get overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite number of tools you can buy. The order you buy your tools in will be specific to everyone, but I hope my lessons learned can give you more information to help you decide.

The most important rule of thumb that I ask myself before making a big purchase… what are my next three projects? Lay out your next three projects and decide what tool is the most prescient one for you at the time.

For me, and the projects I found that I did the most of, led to my order in this video.

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