Woodworking Tools You Actually NEED!

In this video I’ll talk about the woodworking tools you actually need! I’m going to walk you through my journey into woodworking. This video is dedicated to many of the tools you might want when starting out in woodworking.

If you’re a beginner woodworking and you need to by tools, its great to know what woodworking tools to buy first. Though my experience, I learned what tools I would want to buy first if I was starting from scratch. Let me help you save money on tools buy buying the tools you absolutely need, first!

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Tool list in order:
Safety equipment
Tape measure
Circular saw
Screw guns
Pocket hole jigs
Miter saw
Hand planer
Table saw
Drill press
Track saw
Planer/drum sander
Band saw
Router table
Scroll saw
CNC Router

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Music Provided by Tyler M. Check out his Channel!

Webpage (for downloadable plans)


Video Chapters

0:00 Intro
0:26 Safety equipment
0:31 Tape measure
0:40 Squares
0:51 Circular saw
1:11 Jigsaw
1:52 Clamps
1:29 Sanders
2:06 Screw guns
2:17 Pocket hole jigs
02:40 Miter saw
3:00 Hand planer
3:17 Chisels
3:33 Router
3:53 Table saw
4:14 Drill press
4:29 Track saw
4:44 Planer/drum sander
5:04 Band saw
5:17 Router table
5:27 Jointer
5:41 Scroll saw
5:52 CNC Router
6:14 Closing


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