Zero Chipping Wood Cutting | Bosch Ultra Thin TCT Blade | How to cut ply wood very fine

Zero Chipping Wood Cutting | Bosch Ultra Thin TCT Blade | Bosch 2608643048 – 7inch x40T Super Thin

Step by step process how to cut ply | Easily cut ply at home | Ply ko kaise katte
Cut thin plywood without saw and chippings
How to cut ply step by step complete process | How to cut plywood with wood cutter machine
प्लाई बोर्ड कैसे काटते है ।How To cutting of ply wood by wood cutter gauge machine

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Machine Used : Bosch GKS 190 used with customized plyboard and user is using as Table Saw
Wood Blade Used : Ultra Thin Blade Bosch Part no. 2608643048 – 7 inch x 40 teeth with blade thickness 1.1mm and teeth thickness 1.6mm

Job Material in Video : Particle Board

Objective of Trial : To Achive Zero/No Chipping on Particle Board and Smooth Butter Like Cutting.

Trial Report : Successful , Customer was very happy.

To get the same Blade Search on Google ” Bosch 2608643048 Wood Blade ” or Contact to your nearest Bosch Authorized Dealer with Part no. 2608643048

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