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SAN DIEGO — Devastating residential blazes and wildfires take a terrible toll in terms of deaths and injuries, as well as property loss.

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Researchers from Texas A&M University have reported the development of a new environmentally friendly coating that makes wooden construction materials fire-resistant. The environmentally friendly flame retardant could also be used for other flammable materials, such as textiles, polyurethane foam and 3D-printed parts.

The research was presented at the Spring meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), March 22.

The fire-resistant coating could be used to protect construction materials such as wooden studs or strand board.

In lab tests, wood treated with the new coating released less heat and less smoke when burnt. A layer of char formed quickly on the timber’s surface, protecting the underlying structure. These features are likely to substantially reduce damage from fires and slow down their spread.


 “This type of treatment, which could be deposited via dipping, spraying or pressure treatment, could make homes much safer,” says Thomas Kolibaba, a postdoctoral researcher leading the development of the coating.

“The coating could reduce flame spread and smoke production, which could limit damage and give people more time to evacuate.”


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