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Resilient Lismore’s Creative First Aid project involves Men’s Shed woodwork.


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RESILIENT Lismore (Helping Hands), a volunteer community group that was set up in response to the 2017 floods in Lismore, has launched its Creative First Aid project aimed at supporting the mental health of its residents during the long road to recovery and beyond, after the March 2022 floods.

“Lismore is sometimes known as ‘Lovemore’ and ‘hearts’ are our unofficial symbol,” Ros Martens from Resilient Lismore told News Of The Area.

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The project has been put to Men’s Sheds around the country to make plain heart shapes in plywood and masonic which the town of Lismore’s people can decorate with their own messages of hope and inspiration.

“This project aims to bring that love back into the town.

“In the coming weeks a stall will be set up in the Quad in Lismore with all the hearts made by Men’s Sheds near and far, who know how important being creative is for your mental health,” said Ros.

“Residents will be able to come into the heart of Lismore and make their mark on the hearts – telling their story, offering thanks, words of encouragement and hopefully painting a colourful picture.

“Hearts will also be distributed to schools allowing children to make a contribution to the welfare of their city by painting colourful hearts, spreading joy.

“These hearts will then be hung around the town, to decorate, brighten, inspire, and give hope to the wonderful people who live and love Lismore.

“We are in desperate need of paint, art brushes and black textas to decorate the hearts, so any donations would be very much appreciated,” she said.

Ken Ryan, Coffs Harbour Men’s Shed told News Of The Area, “This is a positive action for children and people to make something beautiful in a muddy environment.”

“Coffs Harbour Men’s Shed will be making 300 hearts of various sizes (150mm, 200mm and 300mm).”

Robert Houston, who is crafting the Hearts for Lismore on the Coffs Harbour Men’s Shed laser engraver told NOTA, “The Coffs Men’s Shed love doing these kinds of projects to help the community, it’s what we do whenever we get the chance, and making the hearts on our laser is a very simple operation.

“Once I had designed the heart in the three different sizes on the laser software it was just a matter of swapping uncut material in the laser to do the next one.

“We did have to order some material that is suitable to cut on the laser, a small cost considering the support these hearts will generate in the community.”

Phill, President of Woolgoolga Men’s Shed, told NOTA, ”Getting involved in this project was a no brainer for Woolgoolga Men’s Shed.

“Even the guys who don’t do woodwork, and work in metal, said ‘What can we do to help?’

“After the mud has all been cleaned up there are still the memories – the hearts will be seen as positive reminders of how everyone cared about the people of Lismore and how the community and the children all helped support and care for each other,” said Phill.

See to volunteer/donate or see Resilient Lismore (Helping Hands) on Facebook where residents are posting stories of survival, generosity, angst, frustration, and acknowledgement of support.





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