Kids’ fun day at Farm Fresh woodwork workshop

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IT WAS a day filled with fresh air, sunshine, green scenery and 20 happy faces of the children who were selected to take part in the recent Farm Fresh woodwork workshop.

This workshop was part of a sustainability project by Farm Fresh in collaboration with The Green Factory and Kuntum magazine. It was held at Farm Fresh in UPM Serdang, Selangor, and managed by the team from The Green Factory led by its chief executive officer/founder Harith Ridzuan.

At the Farm Fresh woodwork workshop, participants decorated pots made from recycled wood pieces from Farm Fresh’s dairy farm, then used the pots to plant saplings. – Photos: ART CHEN/The Star

After a briefing by The Green Factory’s team, the children were given pots made from recycled wood pieces from Farm Fresh’s dairy farm and they decorated them according to their preferred styles and colours.

The children were then taught how to plant saplings in their decorated wooden pots.

Muhammad Ghazi Jamil, eight, was so excited after learning that he was chosen to participate in the programme.

“I woke up as early as 6am to get ready because my family and I had to drive all the way from Klang. I am also very glad that at this workshop, I learned to turn used wood into new, creative works of art,” he said.Kuntum editor Norlia Jaafar hoped the workshop would raise awareness among children about recycled items that could be used in everyday life, while using creativity to make the material more interesting.

“We hope the children had fun and always remember to save the world with one piece at a time,” she said.

Farm Fresh is committed to generating beneficial and sustainable outcomes for customers, staff, local communities and the planet in several key ways by organising more sustainable programmes in the near future.


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