List Of Wood Materials Suitable For Outdoor Dining Table Woodworking Plans

Wood material for furniture and furniture is often an antique material that is favored by many people, it also has a high classical value.

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When it comes to woodworking, this particular activity demands people be knowledgeable about almost everything. The knowledge range from the planning, procedure, to the material appropriation. Understanding the material is highly needed when you are going to make outdoor pieces, for example, a dining table. Using outdoor dining table woodworking plans will be better if you choose the right wood. Here is what you should know.

5 Wood Materials You Might Want To Consider:

1. The Woods That Commonly Used For Outdoor Projects Redwood, cypress, and cedar are the most commonly used exterior lumber choice. The not treated materials availability will be determined with your geographical location. For example, redwood is widely used and available in the western United States. Aside from the availability aspect, the three particulars lumbers are mostly dimensionally stable. Thus it will be more durable. They also have natural decay-resistant that will withstand extreme weather.

2. The Best Wood Out There If you are okay with a higher budget, choosing the top of the line selection is appropriate. Ipe, teak, and mahogany are great for outdoor dining table woodworking plans. The best one is the teak that is associated with boatbuilding, but the price is very high. Mahogany is easy to tend, but it can choose more than you think. While the Ipe or Brazilian walnut and ironwood is the most durable one but it is still on the expensive side.

3. Materials With Rot Proof Another lumbers that will be very suitable for outdoor use is the composite. In this case, the wood or plastic composites or WPCs are made with numerous materials consisting of wood fiber, thermoplastic resins, and wood flour. The method creates higher durability, no compression, has good traction with water, and no splinter kinds of materials. But on the other hand, the density quality is ranging which makes it heat up and won’t absorb stain nor paint.

4. Treated Woods For Easy to Find materials Outdoor dining table woodworking plans also work well with any kind of treated woods. Stated by the experts that the Alkaline Copper Quat is a good treatment for wood. The material with this treatment can hold up well in fighting the rot and insect infestation. But on the other hand, these particular lumbers are prone to getting crackers, shrinking, or even warping. That is why you need extra caution when using it. The wood that is usually preserved with this treatment is the Southern yellow pine. Most of the time, the lumber will be saturated when banded and shipped. Thus making the material getting heavy or broken. In case you are going to use this lumber, it is recommended to get KDAT or the Kiln Dried after treatment lumber or you should air-dry the wood for at least two warm months.

5. White Oaks – The last material for the outdoor dining table woodworking plans is white oak. It is way more specific since this particular lumber is also known as the whiskey barrel. The lumber is super strong with the ability to withstand moisture and wet weather, that is why the nickname is intact. Along with it, the straight-grained wood will resist decay rather perfectly. And lastly, it is easy to treat, drill, or screw plus it looks beautiful as it is.

Those are five of the most suitable materials you can use for outdoor woodworking furniture. The types of wood used for the project will highly affect the durability and strength. Considering the high exposure of weather and rain, the rot-resistant and anti-fungi of the lumber should be considered as well. As you choose the wood wisely, you can find numerous woodworking plans on our official website.

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