Terry Hutto’s woodworking keeps him busy in retirement

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A lot of the toys Terry Hutto creates are modeled after the equipment he saw and worked with in his long career in the forest products industry.

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Terry Hutto grew up in Fulton and worked for 21 years at Scotch Lumber Company. He volunteered in the Fulton Fire Department for many years, and eventually worked his way up to chief, serving in this position for four years. He is still a charter member of the Fulton Fire Department.

When Terry took a position in maintenance at Boise in Jackson, he and his wife, Valda, moved their family to Walker Springs. Terry retired after 25 years.

Took up woodworking

About two years ago, Terry’s nephew gave him two tops from an old Lazy Susan. He decided to add legs and a base, making them into turntables to hold Valda’s spices. Terry enjoyed working with the wood so much that he bought more equipment and ventured out to make furniture. His first attempts were coffee tables and end tables. Even though his wood working was challenging, he found it extremely satisfying.

After purchasing a lathe, Terry started to make more wooden products, like lamps, candleholders, and picture frames. He then added cutting boards, along with charcuterie and cheese boards.

Terry Hutto at work in his shop in Walker Springs.

Terry Hutto at work in his shop in Walker Springs.

Working with these items led Terry to try even more kinds of wood. He either cut trees on his property or used wood from downed trees in this area.

“I liked the wood from these trees that had been blown down, because it was dry,” he said. “I would take a tree to Boog Tolbert to mill, and it would be ready for me to use. I did not have to dry it for months.”

Many friends also gave Terry wood pieces. He soon developed a favorite: black walnut. Black walnut has beautifully grained heartwood that is greatly prized.

“Black walnut turns out so pretty,” he stated. “I try to put it in as many things as I can.”

Wooden toys a favorite

Terry’s fascination with wood led him to try his hand at making wooden toys. He had no patterns, so the designs came from his head. He was drawn to log trucks, dump trucks and airplanes, spending hours on tiny details that only the trained eye would notice.

Terry’s toys offer lots of detail. Look at the air horns! Different woods make the unusual patterns and colors in the charcuterie and cheese boards he creates.

Terry’s toys offer lots of detail. Look at the air horns! Different woods make the unusual patterns and colors in the charcuterie and cheese boards he creates.

“That means that no two are ever alike,” he laughed. “I was just able to see it in my head and then make it.”

With help from his friend, Bud Rogers, a Jackson woodcrafter, Terry has dabbled in making wooden Christmas ornaments. He also experimented with using many different wood grains in his cutting and charcuterie boards, which look like pieces of art.

“I put a sealer on them,” he explained. “Then I finish them with butcher block oil for protection. I tell my customers to put butcher block oil on their boards every few months to protect them.”

Sells at various venues

Terry’s wooden toys and charcuterie boards are his best sellers in his home home business, “Terry’s Frames and Thangs.” He regularly travels to craft shows at Tannehill State Park. He also sets up at the local Pine City Forestry Festival each November and the Jackson Farmers’ Market.

Terry Hutto finds great pleasure in his wood crafting. “I am not a professional,” he laughed, “but I’m getting better. It gives me something to do. It relaxes me, but it also challenges me, because everything is handmade.”

Terry often gets lost in his work, woodcrafting from dawn until late in the night.

“When I get started on something, I can’t quit,” he explained. ”I have to keep going until I finish it.”

Hunts, fishes and enjoys family

Terry and Valda Hutto attend Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Walker Springs. The couple has been blessed with three children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Terry loves to fish and hunt, so he spends as much time as possible at his camp house, teaching his grands to fish and hunt.

Terry Hutto has a Godgiven talent that he loves to share with others. He uses social media to sell his works and often posts pictures on Facebook, showing his latest projects.

Terry displays his artistry at his shop. He invites everyone to visit. Contact him at 251-589-3972 or 251-246- 7728.


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