What Tools Do You Need For Woodworking?

This is my list of the top woodworking tools for beginners. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the essential tools that a beginner woodworker needs. These are basic tools that every woodworker should have in their shop. If you are starting a woodworking business, these are must have tools. There are no large, expensive tools listed in this video because if you are just starting out woodworking, you may not have the budget for those tools. If you are starting to sell woodworking projects, you can use that money to upgrade to more advanced tools later. If you just enrolled in Woodworking 101 however, these tools are what you need to get started. You can build amazing projects using basic tools. I am proof of that. Let me encourage you to put yourself out there and make amazing projects using basic woodworking tools. I think this list is the woodworking tools you must have to get started building awesome woodworking projects. If you are woodworking on a budget, this list of tools is easy on the wallet. I started with borrowed tools and worked my way up to the shop I have today. I was blessed with support from family members and the community that has purchased my woodworking projects. You can do it too!

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Circular Saw: 1:23
Drill/Impact: 2:11
Tape Measure 4:18
Clamps: 4:57
Squares: 6:12
Wood Glue 7:31
Safety Equipment 7:44
Pocket Hole Jig: 8:04
Encouraging Words: 10:00
Support the channel info 14:10

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*Tools Talked About In This Video*
Ridgid Cordless Tools:
All other tools:

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